Trodat Printy 4.0 Typo 4911 - up to 3 lines of text

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Trodat Printy 4.0 Typo 4911 - up to 3 lines of text

Personalise and create your own D-I-Y self-inking rubber stamp with the Trodat Printy Typo 4.0.

The 4911 is part of the Trodat Printy range if stamps, the worlds most popular self-inking rubber stamp.

It allows users to create their own messages quickly and easily. Each kit contains a self-inking stamp, a wide range of symbols, multiples of each letter, numbers, tweezers for setting your message, text plate and a replacement pads.

All characters of the rubber characters are reusable, so can be used over and over, creating new impressions each time.

Once the correct impression has been made the stamp will creates an impression of 38 x 13 mm, which can accommodate up to 3 lines of customised text.

The Typo 4911s are supplied with a black stamp pad. Blue, green, red and violet ink pads are also available by purchasing a 6/4911 replacement pad, pads come in multiple backs of two.