Trodat Printy Dater 4817

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Trodat Printy Dater 4817

Versatile self-inking dater with 12 different office applications in one stamps -

Trodat Printy 4817 comes ready-to-use with 12 frequently needed phrases: Answered, Received, Entered, Backordered, E-Mailed, Paid, Cancelled, Checked, Shipped, Billed, Delivered and Faxed. Just turn the wheels of the band and select your required phrase.

The text prints in front of the date. The date has the height of 3.8 mm and the format: day, month (in letters) and year. Size of the imprint is 50 x 5 mm.

Suitable replacement ink pads 6/4817 in black, blue, red, green and violet are available to further extend the life of your self-inking stamp.

Being one of Trodat's bestsellers, the stamp is climate-neutral: with 70% of recycled plastic.

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