Reiner Automatic Numbering Machine B6K

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Reiner Automatic Numbering Machine B6K

Numberer with plastic frame prints 6 digits.

Special features:
- for light office applications
- lightweight, fast, reliable
- exact positioning of imprint due to line indicator at base plate
- integrated self-inking mechanism with ink-cartridge (Colorbox Size 2)
- available with colorbox in black or red

Technical Data:
- Number of Wheels: 6, with or without preceding zeros
- Imprints from 0 to 999999
- Automatic action: 0x, 1–6x, 12x, 20x repeating
- Automatic Numbering action: 5 wheels from right
- Figure size: 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm
- Figure style: Antique
- Net weight: about 260 g