Why Use Stamps in Today's Office?

When you think about today's modern office I'm going to say that stamps aren't the first thing you will think of, however I would go as far to say that almost every company relies on marking documents with a stamp impression to help ensure organised filing.

So what size of company are you? What departments do you rely on to keep paperwork safely stored? How frequently do you need to check documents? How important is accuracy and efficiency during busy periods?

It doesn't matter what size of company you are, the stamp impression will give your business a professional look whether you work from home or in a multi-national company. Once a customer receives a document with your business contact details and logo, it will give it added importance. Stamps4u provides several stamps for you to personalise helping expand your brand. 

Each department has its own responsibilities, but communication between them is key to any successful business, so when passing paperwork from one office to another, ensure they are clearly marked. A wide range of commonly used office phrase stamps are available to buy, making filing, sending and receiving documentation clear and easy.

You have been asked to lookout the file from nineteen canteen, so through to the back you go and make your way to the file marked with the date and retrieve the document. Thankfully with the use of a date stamp, the files were clearly marked, but we know that this isn't always the case. Just think, a quick stamp and correct filing can save time and keep the wheels turning in today's fast moving world.

First it was file your work, then it was duplicate your work, now it's triplicate your work, that is a lot of paperwork to organise, so ensuring it is done correctly and quickly will help to keep your business moving forward. With our choice of self-inking stamps pre-made or your own created design, you can effortlessly make your way through vast amounts of documents as each stamp provides 1000's of impressions.

As you can see, even in today's modern office, stamps can play a major part in maintaining a successful business, so whether its use is for branding or promoting, clerical or crafting, address books or stock taking, your stamp impression will give the company a professional look to customers, suppliers and employees. 

So what stamp is right for you, do you enjoy the traditional rubber stamp where you get the satisfaction, with a sense of nostalgia, each time you press down on the ink pad and transfer the stamp to your paper with a thud or is it all about speed and efficiency with no fuss? Whatever you prefer, today's stamp has the modern office in mind.

A wide range of pre-made stock stamps are designed to complement phrases used in today's office helping to make filing, sending and receiving documentation a necessary task done with speed and even style. However, we understand that this is only one side of any business, promotion of your company and product is important to be successful.

From branding to promoting, clerical to crafting, address books to stock taking, the stamp impression will give your business a professional look to customers, suppliers and employees. 

No longer is just a single colour ink impression of black, red, blue etc. the only way to imprint, nowadays we produce MCI (multi coloured impressions) where your design is unique to you. Select the colours of your company to make each impression stand out on the page while adding a professional high-end look to reflect your business.

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