What Are The Main Uses For Stamps Today?

What are the main uses for stamps today?

When you think of the technology we use today, it’s common to hear people ask us, what do stamps offer in this fast-moving digital world? Our answer doesn’t change, the same as it did 100 years ago, organisation, efficiency, and a human touch. Whether it’s a simple text stamp for marking office documents, a logo stamp for branding or a combination of the two for packaging, the stamp has brought you satisfaction knowing you have had influence on your business. This blog will delve further into the main opportunities stamps can offer you at your place of work, at home or on the go.


Office organisation and documents authorisation

Important documents such as financial records, reports, business plans, contracts are the lifeblood of all business, big and small, so it’s key you take every step to ensure that each one is clearly and correctly marked. According to estimates, the typical office worker spends approximately two and a half hours each day sourcing the information required to complete their task, does this sound like the best way to spend your time? Having the correct process setup will make each business more efficient. Correctly marked documentation is easier to share and understand, increasing a more cooperative and knowledgeable workplace. As it becomes normal for your team to share and cross-check information, having increased transparency and a culture that’s more collaborative and strategic, you will begin to see the benefits. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. With clear and concise documents marked with a stamp impression, your work colleagues can quickly sift through paperwork looking for essential information. So, customise your own office stamp or choose from an extensive range of common phrase stamps and trust the process.


Branding with a professional gesture

What sets you aside from your competitors? If the answer isn’t branding, then please let us know what magic wand you have, I also have some magic beans I’m looking to sell. Every business wants to offer their customer the best experience, every interaction between your business and the customer presents an opportunity to ensure satisfaction for both seller and buyer. Your company core values should identify your business, branding helps the consumer relate your business. It has been said that 7 out of 10 customers will buy more from brands they trust and they will abandon those companies they don’t trust. Having your logo or message on packaging, documents or merchandise furthers brand awareness. We have a wide range of stamps to fit your specific needs, whether that is a small Printy 4933 logo stamp for dietary requirements or the large Professional 5212 stamp to imprint onto boxes/bags. There is also the happy consequence of your employee being proud to be part of the brand creating a healthy and successful workplace.


Crafting a cost-effective personalisation

During the pandemic, many people started new hobbies,some of which turned into career choices or as a second income, it was a new lifestyle. A blend of your imagination and artistry, can help you create something unique to your customer, every detail matters. If you're a seasoned crafter or just beginning to explore your creative side, finding tools that enhance your projects is key. Using our intuitive design wizard, upload your artwork onto a traditional rubber stamp or a self-inking stamp and soon you can begin adding a personal touch to your product. Using your own branded stamp gives you a versatile option of printing your text/message and/or logo onto paper, card, boxes, bags and even fabric. Whichever stamp you choose, there will be a cost saving. No minimum order quantity required with our stamps.


Special ink for your stamps

More than just stamping on paper, here at Stamps4u we provide a wide range of special ink for stamps that are made explicitly for surfaces other than paper. The Trodat 7021 ink, available in black, red, blue, green, violet, and white, ink is a favourite amongst crafters due to its quick drying on both porous and non-porous surfaces. This includes Hard plastics including PA, PVS, PS, SAN), however not suitable for PE/PP. As well as hard plastics, the ink is ideal for use on glossy paper; electronics; raw wood; textiles (synthetic fibres) and metal. Now you have the option to purchase an un-inked pad and using one of our traditional rubber stamps you can expand your brand awareness by stamping on your homemade product, gift tags, boxed and bagged packaging . Working in the food industry? then Noris ink is the ideal solution to ensuring your meat, cheese and eggs are clearly and properly marked. Not only for the customer, but your business, it’s important to mark your food product correctly. The water-based ink from Noris will dry in less than 3 minutes helping with a quick turnaround in a busy work environment. Coming in colours red, black, or blue, the ink will be clearly visible and meets food standard regulations, REACH and ROHS compliance requirements.


Keep confidentiality secure

Identity fraud in the UK is still a significant issue with 24% of UK citizens being the victim of this personal crime. As a society we move further into the digital world, but as previously mentioned, paperwork is still vital in running a modern business, which is why the new Trodat ID Protector was recently released. This roller stamp that will conceal your personal details on important financial documents such as invoices and balance statements as well as letters, envelopes, prescription receipts, shipping labels and more. Time saving with added security, the special ink cannot be washed off, erased, or affected by sunlight (on standard copy paper acc. to DIN14145-2) Setting it aside from other security stamps, the Trodat ID Protector ink is quick drying allowing it to work on Glossy paper.Further to this, the addition of a letter opener and small ceramic blade, you can open envelops and boxes with ease and quickly hide the personal details with one roll of the stamper. Ideal for all those parcels you receive from online shopping.


Stampers, both self-inking and traditional rubber stamps have strong benefits including versatility where you can print on documents, packaging, gift tags, all with one stamp. This gives you a cost-effective solution to branding while adding an individualised touch, and the customer will appreciate this as well. I’m sure many people think of your local bank, the Royal Mail or just a stationery shop when someone thinks about stamps, but hopefully your eyes have been opened to a new world of opportunities for your business, whether big or small, large office or small workshop, there is a stamp for your needs.

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