What Are Rubber Stamps

What does it mean to rubber stamp something? Well the answers are many, it can help you organise documentation around the office, provide branding opportunities at a lesser cost with an environmental benefit, help mark pupils work in the classroom quickly and efficiently, date products such as deliveries and bring a creative touch to craft work…

Now depending on what sector you work in, your choice of stamp will differ on design, size, cost, frequency of use and of course, what you need to imprint. This is why Stamps4U offer a wide range of stock stamps where all you need to do is purchase the one that suits your needs from our extensive collection of traditional and self-inking stamps.

Stock stamps are perfectly suited for office work and come in two categories, word and date stamps providing a range of uses across all departments. They feature the most commonly used phrases in today's busy working environment such as 'Received', 'Paid', 'Copy', 'Overdue' and many more. So whether it's a way to make filing easier or dating documents to ensure you keep track of paperwork flying around the office, these stamps offer you a fast, efficient solution.

If you are looking to be bespoke then Stamps4U present a range of stamp sizes that will not only feature your personalised text, but add a company logo as well. A simple, clean and quick way to create brand awareness.

This will also be a useful tool for teachers who not only can use one of our pre-designed motivational and reward stamps but would like to add their own personal touch, maybe you have a specific design to mark pupils work? Click on the customisable stamp you wish to use, select create your layout and design your stamp or upload your "here's one I made earlier" 

We mentioned craft work earlier and what better way to mark tags, cards or products with a personalised message of thanks or a promotion for their next order. Now this brings up another question, "why don't I just pre-order my tags, cards or packaging with my design?" Well we understand that cost and space can be an issue when doing this as many companies work on a Minimum Order Quantity policy, well with your own rubber stamp you can purchase your blank tags, cards and packaging in smaller quantities saving on cost and storage issues. 

So you've created the stamp you want, we are in the process of making it and sending it out to you, but we get asked how does the rubber stamp work? Well there are really just two types of stamps we use on Stamps4U, the first one being self-inking stamps and the other is traditional rubber stamps

So what's the difference? 

You may be used to seeing a person taking a traditional stamp, stamping it on an ink pad, then transferring the stamp to the document and then stamping it on the paper, a tried and trusted way, but sometimes if you work in a busy working environment, speed and efficiency is key. In steps the self-inking stamp. This fantastic design of ingenuity has the ink pad discreetly built into the stamp body, so after you stamp on your paper, the text plate will re-ink itself and you're ready to go again. No need for a separate ink pad, saving on time, space and money.

So to ensure that each imprint has fine lines, smooth curves and is clear as day to read, what kind of rubber do the stamps use? There are varying types of rubber, but the most common one used is Aero – which is the fastest odourless laser rubber, so not only are you getting a clean impression, but it's been laser engraved as quick as possible to guarantee fast delivery without any compromise on quality.

What more is there left to say about rubber stamps? Did we say that stamps can be imprinted on other materials other than paper such as plastic, metal, glass and wood thanks to the new Dryteq Stamp from Trodat. This fantastic new stamp offers a marking solution on the aforementioned materials, while its compact design allows you to carry it with you on the go. Presenting a quick and efficient way to imprint your product and ensure legible markings, this stamp is popular in the Quality Controlled sector.

Rubber Stamps, it's not what they can do for you, it's what can't they do for your business.

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