What Are Date Stamps?

What Are Date Stamps?

It's now 2020, a new year and new decade, making date stamps the focus for our customers and team members.

One customer recently asked our team, "what is a date stamp and why would this benefit me more than a customised text stamp?" Well let us tell you.

Q: What is a date stamp?

A: Firstly, According to Merriam-Webster, a date stamp is a device for stamping a date, but let's offer a more detailed definition. It is a rubber stamp that features a rotating date band in the centre of the stamp. The rotating band allows you to manually change the date to whichever you would like to print on your documents. Our date stamps allow you to choose from 12 consecutive years and are available in a selection of models from customised self-inking stamps to standard date stamps.

Q: Customised Date Stamp or Standard Date Stamp?

A: Firstly, a customised date stamp is one which you can personalise, through our online customisation wizard, with your branding including your company logo, address and even a name. Our collection of customised date stamps are available in a range of different sizes with one thing in common, they all feature a rotational date band in the centre. Customised date stamps allow you to mark all documents with your company's branding increasing overall awareness of the brand, displaying a professional approach and also keeping paperwork consistent and easily identifiable for the future.

A: Standard date stamp is ready, immediately, to add to your basket and head to the checkout. They are pre-made, some of which are available with the date only and others which feature a text and date impression i.e. RECEIVED + 20 DEC 2020. A standard date stamp cannot be customised therefore perfect for practical use i.e. inspection reports, fresh food packaging and invoices.

Q: What is the difference between a customised text stamp and a customised date stamp?

A: Just like a personalised text stamp, you can add your logo, key company information, address, name and own design to your customised date stamp. The only difference is when you print to paper, your impression will show the date in the middle, perfect for signing off important documents or organising your paperwork.

Q: What are the benefits of a date stamp?


  • Saves time and energy rather than writing the date by hand.
  • Faster approach to marking documents.
  • Legible – Easy to read and avoids misinterpretation caused by handwriting.
  • Keeps documents consistent and accurate.
  • Date stamps are available in different shapes and sizes for use on larger and small documents.
  • Date can be adjusted quickly by altering the rotational date band.


Q: How will I incorporate date stamps in to my daily work tasks?

A: Date stamps can be used within any industry wanting to streamline work tasks and increase efficiency. For an accounts department or general office, dating documents allows important paperwork to be stored chronologically making it easier to locate at a later time. Warehouses across the country can stamp shipment dates or the date they receive goods. Banks, libraries, retailers whether it's through cheques, loan tickets or loyalty programmes all benefit from making use of a date stamp to maintain organisation within a busy environment.

Q: What date stamps can I choose from?

Trodat Stamps

Customised Professional Date Stamps

Designed for heavy, duty professional use. Trodat's Customised Professional Date Stamps can be personalised to reflect your company's brand. Available in different shapes and sizes ranging from '41x24mm' to '116x70mm'.

Customised Printy Date Stamps

Lightweight, durable, perfect for everyday use. Trodat's Printy Daters, like the Professional range can be customised with a unique impression. Printy date stamps are the perfect size for storing on your desk, busy retail checkout or even in your pocket for professionals who are always on the move. 

Self-inking Standard Date Stamps

A quick and efficient way to stamp the date on important documents. Trodat's self-inking standard date stamps feature 12 consecutive years worth of dates and will print the date quickly and clearly.

Self-inking Text and Date Stamps

Looking for a stamp that produces the date alongside common office phrases? Trodat's self-inking text and date stamps will keep your documents organised and up to date. Choose from 'PAID', 'RECEIVED', 'CHECKED' or choose from one of Trodat's rotational phrase daters, featuring up to 12 phrases.

Traditional Rubber Date Stamps

Want to colour code your documents as well as print the date clearly? Choose Trodat's traditional rubber date stamps, which you can use with your choice of traditional ink pad.

Colop Stamps

Customised Printer Daters

Perfect for offices, warehouses and the retail industry, Colop's Self-inking Printer Daters range in sizes, '31x31mm' to '76x37mm', and can be customised with your unique impression.

Self-inking Standard Date Stamps

Printing the date clearly and efficients, Colop's Self-inking Date stamp is a durable, handy date stamp that will fit right into your pocket, ready whenever you need it.

Self-inking Text and Date Stamps

Featuring commonly used office phrases, with Colop's Text and Date stamps there's no need for the use of separate ink pad, simply press down on your stamp and mark your documents with a clear impression that will help keep your paperwork organised.

Other frequently asked questions

Q: How do I change the date band?

A: Thanks to this helpful graphic from one of our manufacturers, Trodat, we explain the correct way to change your ink cartridge to avoid unnecessary ink stains and smudges.

Star Date Stamp

Our customers of 2019 have spoken, therefore if you are still in between two of our stamps, this result may sway your decision.

The bestselling date stamp of 2019 is Trodat's Customised Self-inking Printy 4750

If you would like any more information on our collection of date stamps, don't hesitate to get in contact with our team at [email protected] or message us on Facebook (@stamps4u) or Instagram (stamps4u_uk)

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