Stamps4u Have Rebranded | Have you noticed our new branding?

You may have noticed some changes to our website, the emails we send you and of course, our Stamps4u logo. We decided the time had come for Stamps4u to rebrand!

But why do businesses rebrand?

Businesses rebrand all of the time, whether we notice the changes or not is a different story. Sometimes the changes can be so subtle i.e. a new, improved logo or a change to the typeface they use. It is fair to say that they may not catch your attention. Especially if the brand is one that you are not familiar with.

According to Voyage Branding, businesses rebrand for various reasons including more complex grounds, "internationalisation" and "repositioning" or it could be done, simply to renew an outdated logo which is the reason that we have chosen to rebrand.

What changes have we made?

As we developed our product range, introducing new educational stamps; stamps for specific applications i.e. Christmas stamps, and Trodat's impressive Stamp 'N Stick, we questioned, "if our product range is getting an upgrade, why can’t our website?"

This is when we decided to update 2 key features to keep in line with our product range and our customer base (you).

Do you remember our older Stamps4u logo? It was with us since the very start in (insert year), helping us grow and develop as a recognised business and 'making our mark' in the stamp and stationery industry. However, our dark blue, white and grey logo, was beginning to look a little tired and no longer represented our product & value proposition. Over the past few years we have been introducing more colour to our website and when we speak of colour, we mean more variety in terms of product line. We started off providing you with customised and predesigned stamps but since then our focus has become more tailored to industry specific applications that we recognised have a need for the use of rubber stamps, e.g. healthcare. Focusing more on our value proposition we wanted to represent this with a new bright, vibrant logo. We introduce you to the new, improved Stamps4u logo:


As you can see the colours in our logo have changed. We no longer sport the darker blue tones, contrastingly we have went with a subtle grey complementing the bright green colour showcased on the new stamp outline.

What does the new logo mean?

Green is a very calming colour and when we think of the colour green, many of us think of nature (Kendra, Cherry), as well as a host of positive aspects: 'eco/environment', 'health', 'living', 'fresh', 'good', 'correct' and of course 'go', which is ultimately the reasons why we choose it. At Stamps4u, we want to deliver a stress free way of ordering customised stamps. We always try our best to work with brands that have the environment as a strong priority, we aim to make our online website the one stop shop for your stamping needs and deliver products/service that are of the highest quality, showing you that we are the 'correct', 'go to' choice for when you need new stamps.

As for the grey racing stripes alongside our green stamp. Just call us speedy Gonzales. We strive to deliver our products to you as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.


To coordinate with our new logo, our brand colours have also changed. You will see our website has now changed to green and midnight blue instead of the darker blue/greys you would have been used to seeing. I can't speak for everyone but we are really taken with the changes we have made to the website. A more modern, playful vibe to connect with our customer.

Not only will you see these changes on our website but keep an eye out on our emails and social posts which have also be updated to reflect the new brand guidelines. And watch this space, more changes may be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Don't forget to follow our journey

Now you can follow our journey all from the one place. Linking you to our latest blog posts, our social pages and our Stamps4u website, simply visit our Linktree to keep up to date.

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