Stamps as the Cost-Effective Alternative to Branded Takeaway Food Packaging

Takeaway food containers featuring logos or taglines offer an excellent branding opportunity for any takeaway business. Ranging from cafés to food trucks, specialised eateries to restaurants and many more, distinct packaging that reflects the brand is important for any food business. 

However, for eateries with limited storage space or those just starting their business, ordering large quantities of branded takeaway food containers can range from being impractical to a daunting investment. 

The Solution
Stamps offer a space and cost-effective alternative to buying large quantities of branded packaging. Simply customise a stamp with the logo or tagline that you want to display on your takeaway containers and bags and stamp it onto the blank packaging. This allows you to order smaller quantities of packaging which means you'll need less storage space and invest less upfront.

Customise Packaging for Special Occasions
With customisable stamps, it's easy to print messages or designs for special occasions onto food takeaway packaging. A customised Christmas stamp can be used on only as much packaging as necessary, which means that there will be no unused stock to dispose of after the holiday season.

Customisable stamps also allow to do short term advertising for example for a Mother's Day, Easter or Valentine's Day special.

Easy Vegan/Vegetarian Labelling
30% of people in the UK adhere to certain diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and the majority of consumers value food that contain British produce. A simple stamp can help avoid confusion among customers about which takeaway box contains the vegetarian meal or to ensure that the ingredients were locally sourced. 

How Stamps4u can help
Stamps4u offers a wide range of packaging stamps featuring different sizes to suit any logo that can be stamped onto a variety of takeaway food containers. With our easy-to-use software, these stamps can be customised with any text or logos. Additionally, we have a range of stamps that feature designs with vegan, vegetarian, locally sourced products and many other phrases for takeaway food containers.

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