Five Creative Uses For Stamps

Exploring Creative Uses for Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps, once confined to office and administrative use, have evolved into versatile tools that now serve a wide array of creative endeavors. From branding packaging to adding flair to home decor, rubber stamps offer a unique way to personalise and give your various projects a new lease of life. Here, we explore five innovative uses for rubber stamps away from the office that will inspire both seasoned and novice crafters, homeowners, and parents alike.

Take you packaging to the next level

In the world of gift wrapping and packaging, rubber stamps provide an elegant and practical solution for adding a personal touch. Customising gift wrap with stamped designs can transform simple paper into a memorable and thoughtful presentation. Knowing the importance of your branding this can be an expensive outlay for any business, so having a packaging stamp will help save your cost as there is no need to purchase pre-printed boxes or bags which come with a minimum order quantity. Simply design your stamp with a logo, message or both and purchase blank packaging at a much lower cost. Whether stamping the recipient's name, a heartfelt message, or thematic images like snowflakes for the holiday season or balloons for a birthday, rubber stamps can make your gift stand out. This approach not only enrich the aesthetic appeal of the package but also adds a personal touch that shows the recipient you put thought and effort into their gift.

Enhancing Calligraphy with Rubber Stamps

If you appreciate the art of calligraphy but may not have the time or skill to master it, rubber stamps offer an excellent alternative. Stamps with beautifully designed letters can create consistent, elegant text for various projects. This method is particularly useful for crafting invitations, letters, or any written material that demands a sophisticated touch. Additionally, using rubber stamps for calligraphy allows for the combination of stamped letters with hand-drawn elements, providing a unique blend of precision and creativity. Stamps can also serve as guides for those practicing their calligraphy, offering a reliable template to emulate. Having the option of uploading your text to either a self-inking or traditional rubber stamp provides an option that best suits your needs.

Crafting Unique Greeting Cards

Creating personalised greeting cards is another area where rubber stamps truly shine. Stamps allow crafters to design cards tailored to any occasion, whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just a simple thank you note. By mixing different stamp designs and experimenting with various ink colors, you can produce cards that are both unique and heartfelt. An array of colours from our Colop traditional hand stamp pads are sure to offer you an opportunity to create dazzling designs. Stamped embellishments can be further enhanced with additional techniques such as embossing using our Trodat Ideal Seal with a seal label to give the cards a professional and elegant look. This method not only results in beautiful cards but also provides a quick solution for last-minute projects. At this point I would like to take you away from our stamps for a moment and remind you of our excellent Crafters Companion range of Spectrum Noir pens and pencils featuring a wide variety of colours and sets to choose from.

Decorating Home Interiors

Rubber stamps can play a significant role in home decor, offering an innovative way to personalise living spaces. Stamps can be used to create patterns on walls, adding character and uniqueness to any room. For a more subtle approach, stamped designs on furniture can refresh old pieces, giving them a new lease on life. Textiles such as curtains, pillowcases, and tablecloths can also be adorned with stamped designs, allowing for a cohesive and customized decor theme. In children's rooms, whimsical stamps of animals, stars, or fairy tales can create a playful and imaginative environment. Using one of the traditional hand stamps from the Eclipse range, sizes from 6mm to 148mm, allows you to choose designs for various uses. Each rubber stamp is laser engraved to ensure the highest quality finish guaranteeing smooth curves and fine lines are reflected on each print.

Printing on Fabric for Custom Textiles

The use of rubber stamps extends beyond paper, offering exciting possibilities for fabric printing. This technique enables the creation of custom clothing and accessories, such as t-shirts, scarves, and tote bags, with stamped designs. Home textiles like napkins, tea towels, and throw pillows can also be personalised with rubber stamps. The Stamp ‘N Stick from Trodat is a specific DIY stamper designed to print directly onto fabric such as school uniforms for easy identification, the quick drying ink 7021 can be used on textiles as well as raw wood, metal, paper and hard plastics, excluding PE/PP. Creating custom patterns by repeatedly stamping a design across the fabric can result in unique and eye-catching pieces, perfect for making custom curtains, bedspreads, or upholstery as well as day to day clothing.


Rubber stamps are incredibly versatile and provide countless opportunities for creative expression away from the traditional office use. From personalising packaging to crafting unique greeting cards and decorating home interiors, the applications of rubber stamps are limited only by one's imagination. By incorporating rubber stamps into your creative toolkit, you can add a personal and professional touch to a variety of projects, making them truly your own.

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