Dating Made Easy: How To Incorporate Date Stamps Into Your Business

Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022, filled with fresh goals, better productivity and improvements to help grow your business and brand. You've probably heard the phrases, "New Year, New Me", "New Year, New Goals" and "New Year, New You", but have you heard of "New Year, New Date Stamp?" 

When we said, "dating made easy," your mind has more than likely jumped straight to the 'dating' kind we either love or hate. The go for a coffee, drinks or walk around the park. Unfortunately in this circumstance, we're not the latest online dating guru. However, we can promise you one thing, you will meet your love match in our date stamps. We weren't kidding when we said, "dating made easy." 


Time to start the year as you mean to go on, with a brand new date stamp to help improve efficiency, maximise productivity and maintain consistency and organisation.

What is a date stamp?

We've previously discussed how our date stamps differ from text stamps but let's refresh your memory. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a date stamp is, "an implement or device for stamping a date and often (as on postal matter) related information (as place of origin or receipt)." Unlike a text stamp, our daters feature a rotational date band in the centre of the stamp allowing you to manually change it. 

How to use a date stamp

Now that you know what a date stamp is, the question is, "how do you use it?" Firstly, ensure the ink pad is inserted correctly. Then rotate the bands to the date you want to print (Tip: Make sure the bands are set in place to allow for the date to be printed clearly and in a straight line on your paper). Simply push down on the stamp and voila! 

What applications can a date stamp be used for?

With a date stamp, you're not just limited to 1 or 2 applications. A handy tool for all businesses in any industry, you have the option of customised or standard stamps. Customised date stamps can be tailored specifically to your business needs. Branded with your details including a logo, a useful phrase or key information, you choose the design of your stamp. Standard stamps print only the date: Ideal for quick, simple applications. 


When you think of date stamps, does your head go straight to how you can use it in the office? That's because our collection of stamps are perfect for marking paperwork with the date for future reference. Whether it's to keep track of the large volume of documents, to keep your paperwork in order or to mark invoices with the date, your customised or standard dater will be on hand to improve efficiency and increase consistency. 



Keeping track of when goods were shipped has never been easier with your dater machine. Simply rotate the bands to today's date and stamp on to packaging, invoices or in your log book. 



Don't waste time writing or printing the best before date on your packaging. Simply stamp it instead. Delivering a clear, easy-to-read impression, not only will your date stamp be a huge time saver but it's also cost-effective and will save on much needed space within your business by removing the need to store printed packaging. 

Better yet, why not add your logo to brand your product packaging at the same time? 

Maybe your packaging requires a date the product was packed or in the case of coffee beans, a date they were roasted? Simply add the phrase you require by using our custom design wizard and create 1000s of high-quality impressions. 


For the month of January

Searching for a date stamp? Look no further, our helpful team are on hand to help you find your perfect match. Don't miss out on the offer. For the full month of January we're giving you 10% off any of our daters. 

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