Creating the Perfect Name Badges for Your Business

On the surface, name badges do three things: they show the company's name, the employee's name and a job title. However, depending on the environment they do a lot more than that.

If worn in a shop, a customer will know who to approach with any questions; at an exhibition the right name badges will promote branding; and in a hospital patients will gain a sense of comfort from learning their nurses' and doctors' names.

So what are your options when looking to create the perfect name badge? In general you can choose between two different types: engraved name badges and printed name badges.

Why should I choose engraved name badges?
Judging purely by looks, engraved name badges look classy regardless of where they are used. They will be customised to your requirements, so you can add any details to them that you wish.

Because of the way engraving works – the laser will burn through the top layer of the material, leaving the layer below to create your desired text or image – engraved badges are suited best if you wish all of your text, including your company logo to be the same colour.

At stamps4u, you can choose from a wide range of colours for your laser engraved badges. All laser engraved badges at stamps4u are manufactured with specialist laser technology to produce high-quality products. You can create the layout of your badge as part of the order process, or you can simply upload your template and your badge will be engraved accordingly.

Why should I choose printed name badges?
Printed name badges have the advantage that they can be printed with full colour. So if your company has a multi-coloured logo that you would like to be displayed on the name badge or if you have created a multi-coloured design, this can be printed exactly as it is on the name badge. Printing your company logo with its full colour will be an excellent opportunity to promote branding.

If ordering printed name badges that are offered on stamps4u, you can create the layout for your badge on the site with the user-friendly software provided. If you have already designed a template for your name badge, you can simply upload it and your own design will be printed on the badge.


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