Bullet Journal Stamps

What is a bullet journal?

Over the past couple of years, Bullet Journaling has become incredibly popular, check out #bulletjournal.With mounting stresses, a lack of time and a need to organise Ryder Carrol created the first Bullet Journal, BuJo for short.

"It's designed to help you organize your what while you remain midnful of your why."

For those who have never heard of this motivational activity, Bullet Journals are a creative way to stay on track of your daily plans, create to do lists and organise your life through the use of a simple notebook. 

Bullet Journals are 100% customisable to your needs and can be created by any individual who wants to increase their motivation and become more organised. Whether it's for scheduling in responsibilities, jotting down your turn to carpool or making sure you take some 'me' time, Bullet Journals will help you keep track of your time, complete career goals and store important information in the one place, in the most fun way possible. 

How To Incorporate Stamps

Bullet Journals don't have to be your typical boring day planner, this is a chance to inspire your creative side and spice up your task list. 

With this in mind, Stamps4u has teamed up with Trodat to create a collection of self-inking stamps that can be used to stamp images rather than text. Our range of stamps are quick and efficient to use, so if you're in a rush to jot down your activities, they are a total time saver. 

Perfect for the crafters, choose from a selection of designs including dog walking stamp, a briefcase stamp to indicate your working hours, groceries to remind you to take a trip to the supermarket and even an airplane stamp for the countdown until your Summer holiday. For those of us who are more motivated through the use of visual cues, these stamps will be the perfect reminder to be productive and get stuff done. 

Top Tip: An index page for your Bullet Journal is a must to ensure you find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Simply print each stamp on your index and add descriptions as a quick reference guide, then when you plan each day, all you need to do is stamp your impressions and your Bullet Journal will promote a clean, tidy and creative layout. 

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