Art Therapy And The Benefits On Mental Health

In today's society, looking after and talking about mental health is vital. With 16 million people in the UK, in 2017, suffering from a mental illness, it's important to discuss how we can understand and combat this to help ourselves, close friends and future generations. 

As it's Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), here at Stamps4U we thought we'd get involved by explaining how a simple subject like Art Therapy can have a positive effect on mental illness. 

Art Therapy, undertaken with the guidance of a trained professional is a successful method of using art to communicate and express feelings in a way that is enjoyable for the individual. It can benefit a range of different illnesses including: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia and Bereavement and Loss. 

Here at Stamps4u we have a range of different products that we believe can assist individuals within their sessions to help share their thoughts and feelings or help express themselves in a creative way. 

Emotion Stamps 

Mental illness effects everyone, even school children. Sometimes it can be hard to express how we feel inside. To help express different feelings, we have created a range of stamps that showcase the 10 basic emotions that guide our behaviour. Featuring 10 different facial expressions including happiness, sadness, fear, anger and many more, these stamps are a great way to improve a child's social and emotional development. 

Spectrum Noir Collection

Our collection of Spectrum Noir products are key for Art Therapy. For sessions that involve drawing, choose Spectrum Noir's paper pads accompanied with the special pen or pencil box sets to allow individuals to use colour as a therapeutic tool to express their inner most thoughts and feelings.  

Other Arts and Crafts

Improve self-esteem, reduce anxiety and restore function with the help of our additional crafting products such as glitter sprays and embossing powders. Creative processes have been known to assist in the healing process of invisible wounds, even something small like glitter spray which adds a touch of sparkle to show positivity in drawings. Our range of craft shapes could even be used to allow them to express the things that make them happy or sad. 

Take a look through our arts & crafts selection to find everything you are looking for to provide a first class Art Therapy session. 


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