Custom self-inking rubber stamps are also available with rotating date bands. Customised date stamps allow you to leave a date on documents alongside the personalised text of your choice. Choosing your custom date stamp is simple. For everyday office use, choose the Trodat Printy line, the 4729 and 4726 are two of our most popular sizes. For heavy-duty or significant use, choose the Trodat Professional line with sizes available up to a massive 85mm x 55mm (the 54110). After choosing the range you need, choose the size of stamp with the appropriate number of lines that you want to include in your design. You can also design or choose the shape of the imprint. Either design your custom stamp first then select the correct stamp size or choose the stamp that best fits and suits your needs, then design it. For a stamp with your logo, it couldn't be easier. Simply upload your design to the wizard, add your text, select the ink colour and pick the appropriate type and size of stamp.

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