Dryteq Quick Drying Marker Stamp

Dryteq Quick Drying Marker Stamp

Looking for a solution to mark products instantly?

Unlike quick drying ink which can take up to several minutes to dry, Dryteq offers an instant impression dried within 0.5 seconds using a UV curing unit. Dryteq is a solution for quality clearance after visual inspection, plant revision, or even marking of genuine product. Marking with Dryteq can help improve your efficiency and production flow. Dryteq is a package solution comprising of: UV Curing Unit, Stamp, 3 ink pads & USB charger* simply stamp and cure your impression to get instant smudge proof results.

Applications for Dryteq include, but are not limited to:

• Production & assembly processes, component marking and employee traceability.

• Stamp on: Metal, Glass & Plastics with ease

• Size of impression: 11 x 11mm

• Inks remain fresh for months stored at room temperature

• Alternative solution to permanent markers & UV-proof labels

Note: please charge UV curing unit before you use it. With Dryteq you can make hundreds of impressions with one ink pad meaning that thiis could be a cheaper more practical solution to labels or printers. 

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Dryteq Quick Drying Marker Stamp
Dryteq Quick Drying Marker Stamp
3 rectangular self-inking text only customised stamps small
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