Trodat Printy Dater 46130 30 mm diam. - 2+2 lines

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Trodat Printy Dater 46130 30 mm diam. - 2+2 lines

Ideal for official stamps. Small and lightweight, it is convenient to carry when on the move.

The self-inking Printy 46130 Dater rubber stamp is a pocket sized date stamp. The stamp creates a circular 30 mm impression, which can include a maximum of 4 lines of personalised text alongside the printed date. You can place a logo or signature, or add a frame.

The date band on the stamp includes: date, month and 12 consecutive years. The date has the height of 3 mm.

The case is available in red only.

As standard the 46130 includes a built in dual colour blue and red ink pad 6/46030/2. If required, this can be easily replaced with a single colour ink pad 6/46030: black, red, blue, green or violet. Dry felt pads are suitable for special inks.